Giants vs. Rockies Game Highlights (9/6/21) | MLB Highlights

Giants vs. Rockies full game highlights from 9/6/21, presented by Roman

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  1. Didn't get to comment on Dodgers and Giants yesterday….. Absolutely love the way Kapler made strategic moves with pitching staff… He managed that series like it was the playoffs…. love the Giants, just wish I didn't live down South (Knoxville Tennessee) would love to be at a game… SF Giants fans are awesome… Give yourselves a high five❤

  2. Ruf is better suited to hit cleanup
    He has the power you want from 4th place hitter

    Over the weekend Ruf hitting leadoff was an absolute killer. He didn't get on base at all which is what you want from your leadoff guy

    But hey. What do i know?

  3. LaLa (Dodgers) are not going away, so Giants pitching needs to show up every game. Gass-man showed up today. He's changed his pitching strategy, is he waiting for the splitter to return? Whatever, the fastball up is going to be a good substitute. Ruff-ruff and Estrada…..,who had them on the radar at the beginning of the season? Duggar/Slater – we're seeing just how deep/clutch these Giants are…,whose feeling good today…? Give em a bat…..,

  4. Estrada 2 homers
    Ruf a homer and a triple
    Posey a homer and a double
    Dubon with 3 hits – specially glad for this catracho, making the most out of this opportunity.
    Gausman with great pitching
    Let's go Giants!!

  5. Gausman pitched well, given Coors Field standards. We needed him to go deep because of our bullpen games as of late and he gave us 7 strong. Offense went off. Duggar, Dubon, and Duggar all had strong games. Let's keep rolling

  6. I’m so happy Giants won a game against the Colorado Rockies and extending 1st place in the whole MLB!! Let’s hope you do a clean sweep against the Colorado Rockies Giants!! I will see you Giants back at Oracle Park on Friday September 17th against the Atlanta Braves!! I really hope Giants keep winning and hope you can win more games!! Be safe and Go Giants!! 🧡🖤

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