Indians vs. Red Sox Game Highlights (9/5/21) | MLB Highlights

Indians vs. Red Sox full game highlights from 9/5/21, presented by Roman.

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  1. i was there yesterday. sitting in pavilion club 14. i left end of the 7th and it was 6-5. i was listening to the game on the way home and all of the sudden it was 11-5. tough loss but at least we won the series

  2. Great impressive win for the Tribe scoring 5 runs late in the game to seal the win with help from closer P Emmanuel Clase! Congratulations to Tribe pitcher Zach Plesac on notching his 10th victory of the season. Go Tribe! 😁⚾⚾⚾

  3. Tough loss, Red Sox, when you strand a ton of runners like they did, sooner or later it’s gonna cost you. Sigh. Cora shouldn’t have brought in Phillips because he pitched two innings yesterday. Poor major league debut for Kutter unfortunately, it would’ve been cool to have seen Connor instead but pitched yesterday. Anyways not gonna stress it since the Rays, A’s and Yankees lost as well. Mariners won though. And Jays. Tough stretch of games now with the Rays, White Sox and Mariners.

  4. Fenway is the dumbest, goofiest ballpark in baseball. Hitting a rocket 415 feet to center gets you double, and pip squeak fly balls to left get you a home run. Fix your dimensions or get a new ballpark.

  5. Thanks Boston for losing today! If you had won, it could've been worse for us. Please sweep the Rays Because we'll try to sweep the Jays. By doing that we'll be pretty close to get that Division and you Red Sox can take the wildncard. Go Yankees! Go Boston! Help us in the next series. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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