Mets vs. Nationals Game 2 Highlights (9/4/21) | MLB Highlights

Mets vs. Nationals full game 2 highlights from 9/4/21, presented by Roman.

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  1. Well, we didn't lose ground on this one. Phil's and Braves lost, so on to later today's game, let's get it done, fellas. Also Tylore pitched a good game, gave up a few mistakes to the Nats but otherwise kept us right in this ballgame. Love this kids composure out there, if you didn't know better you'd think he was battle tested veteran out there. Good game Nats. LFGM!!

  2. yea, they lost but we still won ground today bc the rockies beat the braves and the phillies also lost so i'm not even that upset.

    also, ppl on insta were hating on megill and saying that he had a nice run and he's gonna be gone by next season. i just hate the negativity. i love megill. I hope he stays next season 🙂

    also, would like to give credit to pillar for jumping over the wall for every close home run pitch. it makes me really happy to see his effort

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