Orioles vs. Yankees Game Highlights (9/3/21) | MLB Highlights

Orioles vs. Yankees full game highlights from 9/3/21, presented by Roman.

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  1. Played a bad game against a very bad team, but we got the win. A win is a win. We got out-hit, but we won because it was the Orioles. Gallo needs a day off (badly). Nestor was great (again). 5.2 IP, 1 ER, 7 K’s. Stanton, Judge, and DJ pretty much carried the offense. Way too close, but l’ll take it.

  2. the yankees offense has went to sleep since the third game of the oakland series, and hasnt woke up since. splitting four with oakland, losing two of three to the pathetic angels, and barely getting by the orioles lastnight.. you just never know what yankees team is going to show up from day to day.. no consistency whatsoever…

  3. Gil is the real deal 18 innings no Ears, FLORIAL is a future 5 tool star!! Both sent down the YANKEES
    have no idea how to elevate young stars!! They'd release Lou Gehrig saying he wouldn't take time OFF

  4. El problema de Luke Voit es frustración, estaba partiendo la bola y lo sentaron Arron Boon no sirve para dirigir ningún equipo Rizo no estaba rindiendo nada y lo puso habriendo juego muchas veces es lógico que Voit se sienta frustrado, sin ganas de jugar

  5. Yankees scratch out a victory in not too convincing fashion. But a win is a win.

    On the plus side, El Presidente Nestor continues to mystify batters. Stanton might as well stay in RF on a semi regular basis.

    On the negative side, Gallo needs to change his uniform number. Arods old number is cursed! He should just keep showing bunt to shake up the opposing defense.

    Yanks almost regretting their lack of efficiency with RISP.

  6. Nasty Nestor did very well n Stanton did it again! When they signed him in late 2017 , I was jumping up n down. I knew he would NOT hit 63 HRs again , but his swing is something I have never seen before! Even my 82 y.o. can't believe how big his arms are! God bless the Yankees

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