Orioles vs. Yankees Game Highlights (9/5/21) | MLB Highlights

Orioles vs. Yankees full game highlights from 9/5/21, presented by Roman.

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  1. Da Jankees…get shut out by Toronto today, 8-0, losing their 3rd game in a row. Bahahahahaha!!! Yanks 8.5 games out of 1st place. Bahahahahahaha…(hold on…let me catch my breath)…BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  2. "Gary Sanchez," Outstanding Throw 😂⚾🖐👉to DJ LeMehieu👊⚾😑 OUT! "All Hands on Deck!😂 "Joey Gallo," A much needed Glove Catch ⚾✊😛 OUT! "Arron Judge," "A Judgement Call!"⚾✊😄 OUT!
    "Joey Gallo," 🏟🏏😛🔲😛🔲
    😛🔲😛🔶 💪🍷!Cheers! "Gary Sanchez," "Base Hit," 😂🔲
    2 RBI🔶🔶😂 🔲😂🔲
    "Andrew V," "Base Hit!"
    🤗🔲 🤗🔲🤗🔲🤗🔶RBI "Arron Judge!" 🏟🏏 "ALL RISE!" 😄🔲😄🔲😄🔲😄🔶💪 RBI Gary Sanchez!" 😂🔶💪
    "Giancarlo Stanton," "Powerhouse Save!" ⚾✊😁OUT! "DJ LeMehieu," "All Around Athlete," ⚾✊😑 OUT! "Giancarlo Stanton," 🏟🏏 "Powerhouse!" 😁🔲😁🔲😁🔲😁🔶💪 "Aaron Judge," "Excellent Judgement Call!" ⚾✊😄 "Gary Sanchez," 🏟🏏 "All 👐 Hands on Deck!" 😂🔲😂🔲😂🔲😂🔶💪 "DJ LeMehieu," "Outstanding Save!"⚾✊😑 "Joey Gallo 😛⚾👊🖐👉 "Anthony Rizzo!" ⚾👊😊 OUT!
    "THE Z's Have it!" "Aaron Judge," "Judgement Catch!"⚾👊😃OUT!

  3. I am looking at these highlights, and I see those people without a mask on and in New York
    City. And they wonder why this virus is going nowhere and still rising. All those
    hardheaded people and if this virus kills off half of the population of the world and they
    can't stop the virus, all those no mask-wearing people are the blame.

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