Rangers vs. Angels Game Highlights (9/4/21) | MLB Highlights

Rangers vs. Angels highlights from 9/4/21, pres. by Roman

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  1. With the combined pitching and hitting that Shohei is producing, i think he'd be the MVP for the last 10 years. Maybe 20. Maybe even more. I can't think of a player better than him in a season.

  2. I'm happy for Suarez ….. but I just don't understand how he manage to do what he's done considering all the past pitching outings !!
    Was it his super lucky day or just an aberration or both, I wonder !?!? 🤔
    Well, we'll find out before the season is over!! Congrats to Jose. 😄 I'm happy when the Angels play good offense and good defense = WIN !!!! 😁

  3. 01.「Babe Ruth」⇒「New Style」⇒「New Batting」+「New Pitching」

    02.「Babe Ruth」⇒「New Style」⇒「New Batting」⇒「Down Swing」

    03.「Batter Ohtani 」⇒「New Style」⇒「New Batting」⇒「Down Swing」

    04.「MLB Baseball」⇒「Old Style」⇒「Old Batting」⇒「Upper Swing」

    05.「MLB Baseball」⇒「Old Pitching」⇒「Cannot Win」Down Swing.

    06.「MLB」⇒「Old Style」⇒「Old Batting」+「Old Pitching」

    07.「MLB」⇒「Old Style」⇒「Amateur BaseBall」School BaseBall.

    08.「MLB」⇒「Old Style」⇒Cannot win」 NewStyle,

    09.「MLB」⇒「Need Change」⇒「New Style」

    10.「MLB」⇒「Team Choice」 Old Style or New Style?


    01.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Good」Body Building ⇒「Hammer training」 Down Swing.

    02.「Batter Ohtani」⇒「Good」Body Building ⇒「
    Hammer training」Down Swing.

    03.「Batter Ohtani」⇒「Bad」Body Building ⇒「Old Style」Upper Swing.

    04.「Batter Ohtani 」⇒「Bad」Body Building ⇒「Cann't」Hit+Homerun.

    05.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Hammer Training」New Batting + New Pitching.

    06.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Hammer Training」⇒「Open Free」 ⇒「All MLB Team」New Baseball.

    07. 「Hammer Training」⇒「New」 Body Building.

    08. 「Hammer Training」⇒「Not」 New Technics.

    09. 「MLB」 ⇒ 「Choice」 Technics = Old or New?

    01.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Revival」⇒「60%」 LA Dodgers. Dynamic Baseball !!

    02.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Revival」⇒「50%」Giants Dynamic Baseball !!

    03.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Revival」⇒「50%」Astros

    Dynamic Baseball !!

    04.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Revival」⇒「30%」Athletics.

    05.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Revival」⇒「30%」 Royals.

    06.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Revival」⇒「30%」 Angels.

    07.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Revival」⇒「30%」 Padres.

    08.「Babe Ruth」⇒「Revival」⇒「Others」2~3 Teams.

    09.「Astros Manager」⇒「Move」⇒「Tigers」Astros Style !?

    01. 「Anti」 ⇒ 「Hammer Training」⇒「Give Free」 LA・Dodgers = Unfair.

    02. 「Anti」 ⇒ 「Hammer Training」⇒「Stop Surveillance」 Giants = Unfair.

    03. 「Anti」 ⇒ 「Hammer Training」⇒「Stop Surveillance」 Astros = Unfair.

  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge huge Shohei fan. But why isn't Suarez the thumbnail of this video? You guys want views, okay, but there are other angels that are amazing too and they don't get enough recognition or appreciation at all.

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