1. Hey idol ❤️ I want to tell u that it's Been a year to Ur channel and every video u upload I watch always I fell in love with Ur game when I saw Ur hardly gameplay at the beginning .. it's just a small with that I could play with u please 😭 love from India… Hope u reply on this

  2. Dude, you should make video about Clint. Idk why many people doesn't pick this hero or ban this hero, for me Clint is OP because of his damage

  3. I'm triggered seeing clint taking blue buff.. you trash bruh, let him take the blue..accept the truth and lowered your ego that you can't carry in this particular game..smh..

  4. Hey betosky can you give some tips for leomord I'm like good at it but I still need some tips cause if your good enough to defeat strong people you just sit and relax that he can defeat some strong player again but that's not true me I keep on going even if I can defeat strong player

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